custom brand identity / logos

Your logo tells the story of who you are. 

We  want to help you curate a creative design that represents you and your company well. We also offer branding services - which includes having alternate logos, color schemes and more at your disposal to continually impress your clients.

What does modern branding look like? 

To your left, you will see a carousel of brands I have worked with to curate an eye-catching & professional design for their company! Our goal is not to just give you a logo, but to give you an aesthetic that will match your business from top to bottom - every post, every email, every sign. Modern branding goes deeper than just a design, it is the backbone of your company - where you will continue to draw inspiration from as your company continues to excel. 

Custom logo/branding pricing:

Branding Identity Package - $350-$600

Single Custom Logo - $150-$300

Please fill out the form below to get started on your request and we will be in contact shortly to begin your order!