meet soph !

hi! i'm soph! 

welcome to Studio Soph, a place where i can use my skills as a designer and a social media coordinator to help you grow your company!

i am a 22 year old with a passion for ministry, content creation, and design! i have a degree in ministerial leadership from Southeastern University. though i have spent time working in ministry, i really see myself reaching people through social media and design. aside from Studio Soph, i run an online ministry called Spark Passion (linked below), which was created to inspire women to get in their Word and grow deeper in their relatiionship with Jesus. i have been creating on that platform for going on 3+ years and it has resulted in a 65k+ audience, a published book (linked below), and so many friends that i never would have met if not for social media. 

on the side of my businesses, i am passionate about coffee and am currently a supervisor of a local Orlando coffee shop. however, i do hope to take on these companies full time in the near future.

i sincerely cannot wait to meet you and make your vision come to life! from bland to bold, let's make it happen!

more about Spark Passion

Spark Passion is a ministry i began on instagram in April of 2020. it slowly developed into a ministry that inspires 65k+ women to get into their Word and deepen their relationship with Jesus. 

there is daily bible and lifestyle content posted both on instagram and tiktok! i also have a patreon, which gives you the option to support me financially monthly for extra creative benefits! 

there is also a podcast (linked below)!


my book !

for a year of my life, i faced some of the most difficult things i have ever faced. none of these things, however, were things from the outside, but all within my own heart and mind. i had years of trauma from my childhood i had run from dealing with for years. these memories and constant thoughts began consuming me daily life and i had to finally pause and deal with pain in a healthy way. and while it was the best decision i ever made, it was so hard. this book is the outcome of those terrifying moments of healing and growth.

in these pages you will find hope and victory, laced with harsh realities of what it really looks like to heal from the inside out. it is raw and real and vulnerable in the best way - encouraging you to flip upside down who you think Jesus is. He is not just the God who wipes the tears away, He is a God who sits in pain and weeps with you, because He knows that feeling these things is how you truly heal and grow.

from beginning to end of this story, God met me in ways i never expected and the best way i could express those emotions was through poetry. poetry that encourages you to stand strong sometimes. poetry that encourages you to not rush difficult feelings. poetry that pushes you to grow, even when it looks too painful.

this book is meant to sit with you in those seasons. the seasons where nothing makes sense, because we really aren't supposed to have it all figured out. the seasons where all you can cling to is Jesus, because He is all we really have.

'the great unraveling' is linked below!